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OCZ Vertex 2 Tops Bestseller List for Week Ending December 11, 2010

OCZ Vertex 2: Bestseller and Top Recommendation!

This week’s bestseller list shows some noticeable shifting in the ranks. We are pleased to announce that our top ranked SSD, the OCZ Vertex Series 2 has taken over the top 2 spots, after not even breaking the top ten last week! This device uses the highly rated SandForce controller chip, which is widely recognized for its unbelievably fast performance. ¬†¬†Coming in at #3 is the super-fast Crucial C300. If you are interested in buying this drive, I would encourage you to buy it direct from Crucial using our 5% off coupon available here. On to the rankings:

1. OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex 2 Series$138.98
(Last week: Not Ranked)

2. OCZ Technology 120 GB Vertex 2 Series$232.42
(Last week: Not Ranked)

3. Crucial Technology 128 GB Crucial RealSSD C300 Series$275.05
(Last week: Not Ranked)

4. Kingston SSDNow V Series 128 GB SATA$208.98
(Last week: #1)

5. Crucial Technology 256 GB Crucial RealSSD C300 Series$527.99
(Last week: Not Ranked)

6. Kingston SSDNow V Series 64 GB$139.99
(Last week: #3)

7. OCZ Technology 30 GB Vertex Series $74.41
(Last week #6)

8. Intel 160 GB X25-M Mainstream SATA II MLC$415.99
(Last week #4)

9. Intel 80 GB X25M Mainstream SATA II$191.80
(Last week #2)

10. Corsair 64 GB Nova Series$117.99
(Last week #5)

If you have any questions about the rankings or any of the drives, please post them in the comments. Happy Shopping.


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