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Top 5 Devices That Will Benefit from A Solid-State Drive

5. Gaming PC – Gamers have long realized that in order to play the latest games, their systems need to be on the cutting edge. While the conventional wisdom is that gamers are always buying new graphics cards, often the bottleneck in the system is the storage device. If you’re a gamer, SSDs are for you! A solid-state replacement for the system disc will speeds up all processes on your gaming computer, while putting your game installs on an SSD will accelerate your system to the max.

4. Repurposing Your Old Notebook That Doesn’t Startup – Admit it, you have some old computer in a closet or garage that while intact, just doesn’t work any more. It probably has some private documents on it that could potentially be rescued by dumpster diving hackers, so you don’t want to throw it away… But you aren’t willing to take it to a repair shop either, since you already have a shiny new computer. If the computer is more than five years old then it’s probably not worth resurrecting. But many of these “closet pcs” can be turned into mp3 jukeboxes, web servers, music recording devices, computers for your kids, or even just simple word processors. Most of the time the problem with these old machines is hard drive failure. Usually, getting it back up and running while experiencing performance gains of up to 2000% is a simple matter of swapping out the hard drive with an SSD. It’s like getting a brand new machine.

Read on for more devices that will benefit from SSD…

3. Playstation 3
– Users have reported incredible gains in performance, specifically in the area of loading times. Some early games such as Folklore were crippled by slow loading times. After reading many glowing reviews, I was excited to got this game really cheap when i first bought my PS3.  I quickly learned why it was on clearance. While it seemed like a fun adventure/RPG starting out, the excessive number of elaborate cut sequences and accompanying load times proved too annoying for me to complete the game. An SSD will significantly reduce these loading times. I’ll have to break out Folklore  for another go around. Even brand new signature games such as Gran Turismo 5 can benefit from an SSD. Per the Joystiq report, Load times are effectively cut in half.  Please note, only the older “fat” PS3s can be fitted with an SSD. For the newer “slim” PS3s you’re currently stuck with an HDD.

2. Netbooks–Netbooks are incredibly useful and inexpensive devices. Compared with tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, which excels at displaying video content and ebooks, Netbooks, with their keyboards, full range of operating system options and clamshell designs are much better suited to doing actual work. In fact, I’m writing this article on a netbook right now. Early netbooks such as the Dell mini 9 were available with incredibly small (16 GB) SSDs. Although as discussed in the Pareto’s article, 60 GB is enough for standard computer usage, 16 GB is pretty small since you can buy a 16 GB usb drive for well under $30 here. Especially if you want to do a dual or triple boot (w/ Window, Linux and OS X), you’re going to want a little more room than 16 GB for your system drive. Thankfully, netbooks can take standard 2.5″ drives and will perform splendidly with a drive such as this one.

1. Your Everyday Computer – Any computer will benefit immensely from an SSD. The main advantages are summed up here. From the instant you install it, you will notice an immense advantage in reduced startup times, reduced loading times for your programs, increased reliablility, silent operation and overall snappy performance. Many cite it as the best performance upgrade they ever purchased.

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