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Micron Announces Blazingly Fast C400 SSD Line

Micron, the parent company of Crucial, announced their C400 line of SSDs today at Storage Visions in Las Vegas. The new drives will be the first to utilize Micron’s 25 nm manufacturing technology. This will allow for read speeds of up to 415 MB/s! Write speeds vary based on drive size, but Micron claims awesome speeds up to 260 MB/s for both the 256GB model and the massive 512GB drive. Micron’s Crucial division will sell the drives as part of their new Crucial® m4 SSD product line. Read on for video content, availability and more..

Here’s a video of Micron’s VP of Memory System Development discussing the new portfolio of drives:

Production begins in February and the drives will be available to consumers in early March from Crucial. They will be available in both 2.5″ size for standard laptops and 1.8″ size for MacBook Airs and other small form factor devices. Available storage capacities will be 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Crucial’s C300 line has ranked in our top ten since its inception and we expect the new m4 (Micron C400) line to be a top performer and bestseller as well.

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