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Hitachi-LG Data Storage Hybrid SSD Video

One of the most interesting trends being discussed at Storage Visions this year is the emergence of Hybrid SSD drives. These solutions use small sized SSDs in conjunction with larger capacity hard drives to provide end users with the best of both worlds: SSD speed with hard drive capacity at a low price. Hitachi-LG Data Storage has a unique solution that combines an SSD with an optical disc drive (ODD) such as a DVD writer or Blu-Ray drive. The SSD shares the optical drive bay and the hard drive remains in the hard drive bay.

Check out this video to see a second generation hybrid ODD drive in comparison with a traditional hard drive/standard optical drive based system. The hybrid drive equipped machine is on the right. Keep in mind that there is only 8 GB of NAND Flash (SSD) storage onboard the Hybrid Drive.

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