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Bestselling SSD Rankings For Week Ending January 29, 2011

The rankings are in and we’re looking at relative stability in the SSD market with price continuing to trend downwards. This is a great time to buy as manufacturers have lowered prices significantly in order to make room for their next-gen products. All the drives listed here will offer huge performance gains relative to traditional hard drives. There are some great deals on OCZ Vertex drives featuring Sandforce controllers, a nice bargain on an Intel OEM Drive, some good value SSDs from Kingston, as well as some strong performers from Crucial. Click through for the full list.

1. OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex 2 Series$114.99
(Last week: #1)

2. OCZ Technology 120 GB Vertex 2 Series$209.95
(Last week: #2)

3. Crucial Technology 128 GB Crucial RealSSD C300 Series$256.97  [Price Drop]
(Last week: #3)

4. Crucial Technology 256 GB Crucial RealSSD C300 Series$534.99
(Last week: #4)

5. Kingston SSDNow V100 128GB SATA II 3GB/s 2.5 Inch Solid State Drive SV100S2/128GZ$219.95
(Last week: #5)

6. Intel 2.5-Inch 160 GB X25-M Mainstream SATA II MLC Solid State Drive OEM$402.50 (Save almost $100 with OEM packaging)
(Last week #7)

7. Kingston SSDNow V100 64GB – $117.95 [Price Drop]
(Last week #9)

8. Corsair 64 GB Nova Series$131.99 [Price Drop]
(Last week: #6)

9. Kingston SSDNow V Series 128 GB SATA$233.99 [Price Drop]
(Last week: #8)

10. OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex Series$107.99 [Price Drop]
(Last week: #10)

As always, if you have any questions about the rankings or any of the drives, please post them in the comments. Happy Shopping.


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