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SandForce Ships Over One Million Processors in First Production Year

SandForce has announced that they shipped over one million SF-1500 and SF-1200 processors in their first year of production. This is exciting news because it means that solid-state drives are catching on in a big way and that users care about performance, particularly the high write speeds for which SandForce powered drives are known. SandForce is one of several manufacturers that makes the chips that control solid-state drives. They provide their chips to numerous SSD manufacturers including OCZ, Corsair, and ADATA. Our currently top ranked drive uses the SF-1200 and the OCZ Z-Drive R3 that we recently previewed uses a version of the SF-1500 processor.

According to Michael Raam, President and CEO for SandForce,“We designed the SandForce SSD Processors to kickstart the SSD market by bringing enterprise-class performance and longevity to SSDs made with cost-effective commodity MLC flash, and that’s exactly what has happened.” Congratulations SandForce!

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