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Why SSD?

Blazingly Fast Speed: A Solid-State Drive gives your entire computer the boost it needs to operate at peak performance. Compared with traditional hard drives, SSDs are up to 2465 times faster! The speed of your internal drive directly affects every operation on your computer.¬†Experiencing slow downs? Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new computer. An SSD upgrade will make your old computer feel like new!

LONGER BATTERY LIFE: Upgrading a laptop or netbook? Typical Solid State-Drives use 1/3 the power of the most efficient traditional hard drives. This translates into extended battery life on the computer that you already have!

LOWER WEIGHT, SILENT OPERATION: An SSD will reduce the weight of your computer and since there are no moving parts you will not be subjected to the clicks and whirring noises of traditional drives.

STELLAR RELIABILITY: The lack of moving parts also translates into better protection for your data. Failures are much less common than with hard drives and your data will be protected against bumps and drops.

AFFORDABLE: The prices have plummetted on Solid-State Drives.  Blazingly fast drives are now available for less than $100. They are also available in sizes up to 1 TB. Upgrade your computer today.

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